1-18-14 – Gurvey’s Law KABC 790

On 1/18/14 Gurvey’s Law on KABC 709 Talk Radio aired a very special show that was near and dear to Alan Gurvey and Bailee Rad’s interests on workers’ compensation fraud.  They had special guest, Steve Hopcraft join them in their discussions about the truth and myths about workers’ compensation fraud.  This show aired on Saturday 1/18/14 at 5:00-6:00PM on KABC Talk Radio.

If you would like to listen to the show, you can click the play button below to listen to the show:


It was such an honor and privilege to have Steve Hopcraft on Gurvey’s Law.  Mr. Hopcraft is one of California’s most accomplished public relations and campaign management professionals. With more than 30 years’ experience in political and advocacy communications, 20 of them with Hopcraft Communications, Mr. Hopcraft and his firm specialize in serving non-profit, progressive and public interest clients. Mr. Hopcraft has managed numerous ballot measure and candidate campaigns (including presidential, congressional and legislative), and has won awards for campaign advertising and management. Hopcraft Communications is known for taking underdogs and making them winners.

The hallmark of Hopcraft Communications is energetic, imaginative communications combined with intense dedication that stems from personal commitment to all Hopcraft clients. Mr. Hopcraft is personally involved in all Hopcraft accounts.

Hopcraft Communications is a full-service communications consulting firm, founded in January 1989 that specializes in serving the non-profit and public interest community. They offer marketing, public relations, campaign management, and advertising services. They specialize in public interest media and advertising, and grassroots media relations. They are experts in working with the media and community organizations to obtain media coverage.

Hopcraft Communications have advocated for many issues for decades, in California and in other states. They have collaborated with educators, labor unions, and public interest groups on dozens of statewide public relations and advertising marketing campaigns. They have also managed statewide marketing campaigns that include writing, producing and placing radio and television advertising. Steve and his firm have worked with national nonprofit organizations on media relations, advertising and advocacy campaigns.  If you would like to contact Steve Hopcraft, please feel free to visit his website at www.hopcraft.com 

GL - 19 Steve Hopcraft

Here are some in studio pictures of the Gurvey’s Law team. 

GL - 21

On air with Alan Gurvey

GL -20

Alan Gurvey vs. Bailee Rad

GL - 22

Bailee Rad, Alan Gurvey, Erica Morrison, Debbie Payne

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