12/21/13 – Gurvey’s Law KABC 790

On 12/21/13 Gurvey’s Law on KABC 790 discussed the Affordable Care act and how Obamacare will affect patients and doctors with special guests Stan Keith Levine and Dr. Gary Brazina.  This was a very informative show that aired on Saturday 12/21/13 at 5:00-6:00pm on KABC 790 with host Alan Gurvey and co-host Bailee Rad.



The first guest on Gurvey’s Law was Stan Keith Levine who is an insurance broker located in Redondo Beach, California.  His business is a full service firm specializing in the expert design, administration and implementation of customized employee group benefit programs. They are an independent insurance agency providing services in both commercial and personal lines. They follow very strict criteria when choosing the companies that they represent and constantly monitor their performance to ensure the best possible service to their clients. In addition, they continually evaluate new companies that may benefit their client’s business or personal security.

Over the years their company has gained the respect and recognition of putting the customer needs as the primary objective. As a brokerage company they have earned the respect of customers by showing that “Customer Service” has to be Number One. Stan’s company will work with their clients, for their clients. They aim to maintain a mutually profitable business relationship in return for a long term viable marketplace.  They pride themselves on being experts committed to helping their CLIENTS. They can be thought of as being an extension of their clients’ Human Resources Department.

To contact Stanley K Levine Insurance Services, Inc., you can visit:  www.staninsuranceman.com, E-mail: staninsuranceman@yahoo.com or you can call (310) 529-7201

GL 14 - Stan Levine
The second guest on Gurvey’s Law was Dr. Brazina, “The Jock Doc” specializes in arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine. He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery; the American College of Surgeons;  a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California and an Agreed Medical Examiner.

With over 20 years of surgical experience, Dr. Brazina has treated some of the top athletes in the nation.

Dr. Brazina has extensive experience in all Medical-Legal aspects of Orthopaedic Surgery, including Personal injury, IME examinations and in all aspects of Workers’ Compensation Cases. He is adept at utilizing AMA 5th edition guidelines. He has offices in West Los Angeles and in Woodland Hills, and Lancaster, CA.

Dr. Brazina has served as team physician to the “Los Angeles Blades” consultant to the “Joeffrey Ballet”, the Southern California “Cheetahs Track Club”, the Sports Club LA  and served as second opinion physician for the NFL Players Association. He has served on the Board of Governors for the Academy of Body Builders, and is presently team physician for the “LA Heat” Football Team.

Dr. Brazina writes and lectures extensively both professionally and for the lay public. He has published a newsletter, Orthopaedic Update and serves on the editorial board for Woman’s Fitness Magazine. He has been featured in articles published in Redbook, Shape, Sports Illustrated, Elle magazines.. He has appeared regularly on CNN, LA Today, The Home Show, Skiing America, KTLA Morning New, and Aspen Today.

To contact Dr. Brazina, feel free to visit Disc Sports and Spine Center and BrazinaMD.com .

GL 12 - Brazina


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One Response to 12/21/13 – Gurvey’s Law KABC 790

  1. Gary Gorlick MD, MPH says:

    Kudos for most useful and educational show on Obamacare. All four of you participants asked and replied with salient comments and questions. This show warrants a very high mark and I ask that you follow up very often with more shows on exactly this topic.

    I do want to add the following: the private insurers discovered another way to obscenely increase premiums on all INDIVIDUAL PLANS. Anthem Blue Cross just raised the premium over 16% and a report in the LA Times reports that they say 25% increases are allowable.

    So many citizens will suffer. So many will be hurt: so many will suffer via incorrect diagnosis and treatment from lesser trained practitioners. So many will have to pay 25% or more of monthly take home pay for individual health insurance.
    What a shame ….

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