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On 1/25/13 Gurvey’s Law on KABC 790 Talk Radio had two special guests, Ed Alonzo and Christopher Hart, on air discussing their careers in magic and trade secrets.  This episode of Gurvey’s Law aired on Saturday 1/25/14 at 5:00pm-6:00pm on KABC 790 Talk Radio.



Alan Gurvey’s first guest on this week’s show of Gurvey’s Law was Ed Alonzo.  Ed is known as the “Misfit of Magic”. Ed Alonzo, with his wonderful Groucho Marx eyebrows, Harold Lloyd Glasses, topped by his signature explosive hairstyle, is easily recognized as one of the country’s foremost comedy magicians.  Don’t be deceived by his retro-style costuming, because for Ed, the tux and the magic is simply a vehicle for his intelligent and sidesplitting comedy.

Perched on the precipice of international fame, Ed Alonzo already has a phenomenal track record!  Not only Command Performances in London, multiyear headline contracts in Ls Vegas, and countless US and International Television appearances, but Ed also has a wealth of experience in the art of funny. From comedian, to actor, to Vaudevillian Entertainer, Ed Alonzo’s performances grab the audience’s funny bones and tickle relentlessly, leaving crowds rolling in the aisles gasping for air.  While most magicians use a dramatic flair to build to a crescendo, Ed raises his audience’s anticipation with laughter.

Comedy energy has been bursting from Ed all his life. By the time he was seven, Ed was already performing in his own puppet and magic shows for friends and family. While in his teens, he became one of the youngest comedy/magicians ever to perform at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Ed Alonzo went on to win the coveted STAGE MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR for two consecutive years, COMEDY MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR for another two consecutive years and in 2010 Ed was named “Magician of the Year”, all from the internationally recognized Academy of Magical Arts. Ed is also the recipient of three WORLD MAGIC AWARDS presented to him on MY-network TV award shows.

In a word, “Ed Alonzo is Brilliant!” He is often recognized as the series regular, Max – the owner of the diner, from the hit sit-com “Saved by the Bell”, and the costar on “XUXA”, the CBS Saturday Morning program.  His numerous television appearances include NBC’s Las Vegas, ABC’s Full House, the CBS comedy Murphy Brown where he became one of the infamous secretaries in a guest-star role. In addition, Ed has appeared on over 100 major television variety and talk shows like The Ellen Degeneres show, Top Chef Masters, Cup cake wars, The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson, E true Hollywood Story, Americas Next Top Model, How I met your mother, Masters of Illusion and more.

In 2009 Ed toured the world with pop star Britney Spears, performing in a magic production number with Miss Spears playing the role of magicians assistant. That same year Ed was hired by and met with Michael Jackson to create the illusions for his O2 London concert “This Is It”.

Ed’s face is in on the box cover of Fantasma magic sets. They released their first Alonzo magic sets in the US, Mexico and Canada to Costco, Fry’s electronics and Dollar tree stores. Ed now has three more sets available in stores across the country.  Britney Spears recently asked Ed to create a magic production number for her new Las Vegas show “All eyes on me”.  Ed recently created magic and illusions for pop stars Katy Perry, Usher and Miley Cyrus.  If you would like to contact Ed you can visit him online at: www.EdAlonzo.com  or you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram: EdAlonzoMagic.

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The second guest on Gurvey’s Law was Christopher Hart who is known as “The man with the movie star hand”, after his right hand was featured as THING the loveable disembodied hand featured in three ADDAMS FAMILY Films. His talented hand was also used in the cult horror movie IDOL HANDS as well as numerous television shows and commercials.

More than just talented digits, he gets to use his whole body in the performance of his multi-award winning magic act.

He was personally presented the coveted “Silver Lions Head” award from Las Vegas stars Siegfried and Roy and Princess Stephanie of Monaco personally presented Hart with the top prize at the “Grand Prix Monique” held in Monte Carlo.

Christopher is also the proud recipient, of being twice honored with the Hollywood Magic Castle’s ‘Stage Magician of the Year’ award.

Christopher’s act shows of his technical skills producing a seemingly endless amount of cards at his fingertips, as well as a humorous torn and restored music sheet routine.

Closing his act is Christopher’s’ “living glove” routine, featured on numerous European and American television specials.  “It took me over a year to figure out the idea and put it on stage” says Christopher. The illusion created by Hart involves a ladies pink opera glove that magically comes to life. It begins to float and then seductively crawl over his body. The “invisible woman” finally drags him off stage by his coat tails “It gets lonely on the road” smiles Christopher. “I had to create my own woman, or at least part of her.”

For years Christopher has traveled the world with his unique and visual magic act. “Working to music I’ve found that my magic breaks all language barriers. The audience all laugh, only with a different accent’!  If you would like to contact Christopher you can email him at:  moviehand@aol.com  or follow him on Facebook: Facebook/christopherhartmagic

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 Ed and Christopher were so much fun to have in studios and on air with Alan Gurvey.

 If you haven’t seen them live, we would highly recommend it! They are the best magicians!


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