The President’s Travel Ban, Fraudulent Guardianships, and NCAA March Madness

This week, Gurvey’s Law has life, law, and sports in one of our most expansive shows yet. We ask Chapman University law professor, Dr. John Eastman, to remove the politics from the debate over President Trump’s travel ban, and get to the legitimate legal challenge, if there is one. Then, slavery still exists in 21st century America, in the form of fraudulent guardianships being granted by courts, often to family members who seek to steal from their own kin. The Kasem Cares Foundation and attorney Mark Mermelstein are standing up to what Kerri Kasem characterizes as “crime rings”, to help people reclaim their property, money, and lives. Then, Fox’s lead college basketball host, Rob Stone, talks March Madness, and the plight of college athletics.