3/29/14 – Gurvey’s Law KABC 790

On 3/29/14 Gurvey’s Law on KABC 790 Talk Radio had special guest Richard Ross on air with host Alan Gurvey and his co-host Kerri Kasem. This show aired on Saturday 3/29/14 at 5:00pm-6:00pm on KABC 790 Talk Radio and discussed topics of lobbying bills up in Sacramento, current trending political scandals and current news.

If you would like to listen to the show you can click the play button below:


Gurvey’s Law was so honored to have Richard Ross on air with us and our listeners.  Richard Ross is a California political strategist, advocate, and communications specialist.  Over 38 years, Ross has managed 491 winning election campaigns at every level of local, state and federal government in California, Nevada, Hawaii, British Columbia, Illinois, New York and Texas.  In 2004, he developed one of the earliest independent expenditure efforts to help Barack Obama win the Democratic Nomination for the United States Senate.

Ross managed the campaigns electing California’s Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, four Assembly Speakers and two Presidents of the State Senate.  Ross is widely recognized as one of the earliest and most effective forces in the growth of Latino voting strength.

Ross’ record on ballot propositions includes the passage of California’s historic Proposition 98, establishing a minimum floor for school funding; Propositions 61 and 3, the Children’s Hospital Bonds; and measures on growth, transportation, worker safety, water and schools.

Ross is one of the most effective governmental advocates in state government and was named “Best Grassroots Lobbying Firm” in California.

His clients include the construction and transportation industries, labor unions, health care providers, renewable energy companies, civil rights and education advocates.

Ross has devised and implemented successful lobbying strategies on issues ranging from water and health policy to community colleges and workers compensation.  He has developed expertise in immigration, health, and education reform.  Ross conceived of, developed and staffed the National Commission on I.C.E. Misconduct whose final report has been presented to Congress and is resulting in more humane enforcement of immigration laws.

Ross Communications’ issue advocacy advertising on a wide   range of subjects––from AIDS and prenatal care to consumer and environmental protection––has won local, state and national awards.

Ross has written extensively on state government and politics.  His opinion pieces and essays have been widely published.

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