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On 4/5/14 Gurvey’s Law on KABC 790 Talk Radio aired a very touching show about in vitro fertilization and parental custody rights.  Host Alan Gurvey and co-host Kerri Kasem had special guests, actor, Jason Patric and family law attorney, Fred Silberberg sharing their personal experiences and providing their expertise on air.  They discussed the factual background leading up to the conception of Jason’s son Gus, the co-parenting arrangement that he had with the child’s mother and the termination of that relationship through the court system.  This episode of Gurvey’s Law aired on Saturday 4/5/14 from 2:00pm-3:00pm on KABC 790 Talk Radio.

If you would like to listen to the show, you can click the play button below to listen to the show:



Jason Patric has starred in some of the most popular and acclaimed movies of the last 30 years, including The Lost Boys, Sleepers, Rush and Narc. He has recently been an advocate for father’s rights and reforming laws pertaining parentage rights for fathers. Jason has been involved in a highly publicized parentage dispute concerning his son, Gus, conceived though in vitro fertilization with his former girlfriend.  The trial court determined that Jason had no standing to claim parentage despite having co-parented his son for more than three years, leaving his son without a father.  The case is now on appeal.  The case also was the impetus for SB 115, which passed unanimously in the California Senate, but was then stalled in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which bill would have protected children who were born out of wedlock using fertility procedures from losing their fathers in the way that Jason’s son has lost his.  Jason is also the founder of “Stand Up For Gus, a charitable organization which hopes to bring awareness of the issue facing Jason and many other fathers to the public to effectuate a change in the laws concerning parentage.  Stand Up For Gus provides funding for legal representation for parents who have become alienated from their children so that they have the resources to fight for their children in the legal system.

Fred Silberberg is a Certified Specialist in Family Law, and has been practicing for almost thirty years.  His practice consists of complex and high asset family law matters.  Fred believes strongly in the rights of fathers in custody matters.  He is also an expert in the area of parentage law and the founder of Future Family Starter, which handles legal agreements for people using fertility to create families, as well as matching them with surrogates.  Fred is one of the sponsors of SB 115, and is Jason’s counsel in his parentage case, which is presently on appeal.  If you would like to contact Fred Silberberg, you can visit his website at www.fsfamilylaw.com .


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    I’m so stoked to find your law firm and website as I listen to your radio show every week.
    God Bless you man. Have a great day.
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