5/17/14 – Gurvey’s Law 790 KABC

The 5/17/14 Gurvey’s Law 790 KABC Talk Radio show was such a positive outlet in giving listeners an update with Kerri Kasem and Jason Patric’s joyous victories in court.  Host Alan Gurvey and co-host Kerri Kasem provided the truth and hard facts of the legal system and the actions of our California legislators.   Kerri shared on how she won her case in regards to visitation rights with her father and Jason Patric shared how he won his case which grants him the ability to provide that he is the father of his son Gus, in connection to fight for visitation/parental custodial rights.  Alan and Kerri also had family law attorney Todd Sternberg, with Sternberg Family Law  on air with them to give his opinions on these matters. This episode of Gurvey’s Law aired on Saturday 5/17/14 from 2:00pm-3:00pm on Talk Radio 790 KABC.




2 Responses to 5/17/14 – Gurvey’s Law 790 KABC

  1. Kelly says:

    Jean Kasem should be thrown in jail IMO. What she’s doing is elder abuse. Kerri should have her own weekday daily show especially now with all she’s going through she could help so many people going through similar situations. Elder abuse is not discussed enough and it should be.

  2. Hans says:

    I love listening to your show every week!

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