8/23/14 – Gurvey’s Law 790 KABC

On 8/23/14 Gurvey’s Law on Talk Radio 790 KABC had an exciting show with host Alan Gurvey and co-host Kerri Kasem and their special guests Cindy Crawford, Jennifer DeNicola and Tom Girardi discussing very serious and harmful issues. Alan and Kerri spoke to Cindy about her decision to take her children out of Malibu High School for fear of the chemical exposure at the school and the harmful effects it can have.  They also spoke with Jennifer DeNicola, the president of Malibu Unites about Cindy’s decision and the important cause that she supports and is currently representing.   Alan and Kerri also received great insight and legal advice from one of the most prestige attorneys of Southern California, Tom Girardi, partner of the Law firm of Girardi & Keese and who represented Erin Brockovich.   This exciting episode of Gruvey’s Law aired (with camera and production crew) on Saturday 8/23/14 from 2:00-3:00PM on Talk Radio 790 KABC!





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Tom Girardi, Kerri Kasem, Alan Gurvey & Jennifer DeNicola

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  1. Wrike says:

    Thank you very much for the pictures, it was very interesting and fun.

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