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Alan Gurvey is the managing partner of the Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win, a firm that specializes in advocating for the injured worker. He is a graduate of Brown University with an honors degree in Ethics and Political Philosophy.  Twice a year, he moderates The Physician’s Seminar, where doctors from all specialties gather to discuss the latest issues in law and medicine.

Alan Gurvey knows that health is the most discussed topic today and one of the largest categories of interest in KABC 790 AM listeners. Alan Gurvey will host our panel of physicians and health professionals as they debate health related topics and discuss all health habits, options, and news related to the health industry during this educational and informative Saturday program.

Alan is also the long time host of Gurvey’s Law on Talk Radio 790 KABC.  With co-host Kerri Kasem, the show takes a closer look at law…and life.

Join the Saturday line up for stimulating, practical and informative talk that may actually change your life!

Tune in on Saturdays from 3:00-4:00PM on Talk Radio 790 KABC!

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