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Gurvey’s Law features the nation’s most respected and prolific attorneys and legal scholars, as well as writers, entertainers, athletes and newsmakers from all walks of life. They join hosts Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem to speak about the law, their lives, careers, and involvement in some of the most fascinating and impactful issues of our day.

Alan Gurvey is the managing partner of the Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win, a workers’ compensation law firm that has represented injured workers for over 35 years. Alan is known as one of the top litigators in the workers’ compensation arena. He has an honors degree in ethics and political philosophy from Brown University, and a law degree from the University of Manitoba in Canada. He has authored guide books on life, called the “Common Sense Series” . He frequently speaks to attorney groups, physician groups and employer groups. Alan is well equipped to take on the issues of the day, with a focus on turning what can go wrong into how to make it go right.

Kerri is the daughter of radio icon, Casey Kasem, the originator of American Top 40 music countdown. She has also been featured as a co-host on Sixx Sense, with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. Kerri has been a reporter and host for E! Entertainment and has also hosted UFC events. 

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7/1/17 – Gurvey’s Law

4/1/17 – Former President and Chancellor of Baylor University, and former United States Solicitor General, Judge Ken Starr

3/25/17 – Author Joe Garner 

3/18/17 – Chapman Law School professor, Dr. John Eastman, Kasem Cares Foundation attorney, Mark Mermelstein, and Fox Sports host, Rob Stone

3/11/17 – Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County, Elan Carr, and world-renown Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, comment on Donald Trump, crime, and discrimination in Los Angeles, and throughout the world

3/4/17 – Globally-recognized law professor and author, Sanford Levinson, and constitutional originalist and champion of gun rights, Alan Gura

2/18/17 – Former CIA agent Robert Baer and W-H-O Radio host Simon Conway on President Trump’s relationship with U.S. intelligence community, and New York Magazine’s senior editor, Kevin Lincoln, on the 2017 Academy Awards

2/11/17 – Experts on school voucher programs and access for disabled students weigh-in on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education

2/4/17 – Our throwback interview with, The “Real Jerry Maguire”, sports agent Leigh Steinberg

1/28/17 – Host Alan Gurvey and family are interviewed by Kerri Kasem on Alan’s just released feature in Super Lawyers Magazine, which can be read HERE 

1/21/17 – The inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, and the Womens’ March across the nation, with Congressman Brad Sherman

1/14/17 – Magic and the law with magician Ed Alonzo, illusionists Kimberly and Jeff Bornstein, and Loyola Law School professor F. Jay Dougherty

12/24/16 – Immigration attorney Evan Green on how to move to Canada, along with special guests, and true Canadians, Evelyn and Martin Gurvey

12/17/16 – Attorney Steven Drizin of Netflix’s “Making A Murderer”, and attorney for our own Kerri Kasem, Jesse Kaplan

12/3/16 – Journalist Christiane Amanpour, and attorney Floyd Abrams on 1st Amendment freedom of the press, and their relationship with President Donald Trump

11/26/16 – Giving thanks at the WorkCompCentral Comp Laude Awards with terrorist attack victims Julie Swann-Paez and Joe Torillo

11/12/16 – Iowa radio host Simon Conway, and American Idol winner Regie Hamm, on separating emotion from reason, in the presidential election

11/5/16 – Former President of the Center for Governmental Studies, Bob Stern, on this year’s Presidential election and California ballot measures

10/29/16 – Go behind the scenes of the Netflix documentary, “Amanda Knox”, with filmmaker Brian McGinn, and the attorney who advocated for Amanda in the U.S., while she was on trial in Italy, Anne Bremner

10/22/16 – Media bias in a presidential election, with UCLA Law professor Eugene Volokh and Cal State, Northridge lecturer on media law and ethics, Jens Koepke 

10/15/16 – The Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities, founder of, Milana Vayntrub, and Executive Director of The Syria Fund, Lexi Shereshewsky

10/8/16 – Criminal defense attorney Tom Mesereau is welcomed back to Gurvey’s Law

10/1/16 – California Assemblyman Bill Dodd on newly-signed California laws aimed at curbing and punishing sex offenders, and attorney Vince Finaldi on new claims by his client, Wade Robson, that pop star Michael Jackson sexually abused him

9/24/16 – Creator of the hit TV show “America’s Most Wanted”, Michael Linder, and the FBI Special Agent who finally apprehended crime boss Whitey Bulger, Scott Garriola.

9/17/16 – Mitch and Geoff Schwartz on NFL football, food, family, and faith

9/10/16 – Outspoken Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz on his new book, “Electile Dysfunction”, Black Lives Matter, the Supreme Court, and Christopher Darden. 

9/3/16 – The Best Of Gurvey’s Law: Attorney to the stars, Mark Geragos, with long-time Larry King producer, Wendy Walker.

8/27/16 – Sports agent extraordinaire and inspiration for Tom Cruise’s “Jerry Maguire” film character, Leigh Steinberg.

8/20/16 – Criminal defense attorney John Henry Browne has defended serial killers and military soldiers, from Ted Bundy to an Army Sargeant who murdered 16 Afghan civilians. 

8/6/16 –  NYU School of Law professor Richard A. Epstein is the third most-cited legal scholar in the country, and is a prolific author, with over 17 books published. Known as, “one of the most extraordinary legal scholars of this generation”, his, “research, teaching, and writing have brought clarity to the law and have helped advance freedom.” 

7/30/16 – Filmmaker Ken Kokin co-produced, and directed the second-unit for the Academy-award winning film, “The Usual Suspects”, and talks about his new film dealing with acquaintance rape, “Blood Moon”, along with the star of the film, Maya Kazan. Then, victim’s rights advocate and superstar attorney, Gloria Allred, talks about rape culture in America.

7/23/16 – Christopher Darden prosecuted O.J. Simpson for murder, and shares with us his thoughts on everything from the glove, to his relationship with fellow prosecutor Marcia Clark, and who he thinks knew that O.J. Simpson was guilty.

7/16/16 – America’s most frequently cited legal scholar, Harvard Law School Professor, Cass Sunstein, discusses his new book, “The World According to Star Wars” from HarperCollins. Sunstein served as the Administrator of the The White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs under President Obama, and was considered a leading candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States.

7/9/16 – Music legends Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, with daughter and therapist to the stars Dr. Jenn Mann, and the attorney who literally wrote the book on the music business, Don Passman

7/2/16 – Trial lawyer extraordinaire Anne Bremner, and ex-pat’ firebrand talk-radio host Simon Conway

6/25/16 – The Sage from South Central, Larry Elder 

6/18/16 – The Philosophy of Law, with preeminent legal philosopher, Professor Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law School 

6/11/16 – Bert Fields is the most famous attorney Hollywood has ever known; just ask clients like The Beatles, Steven Spielberg, or Jeffrey Katzenberg

6/4/16 – Beverly Hills attorney and champion for independent filmmakers, Lisa Callif, and film producer Adam Saunders

5/28/16 – Gerry Spence, Erin Brockovich, Mark Geragos, and Dick DeGuerin headline our Memorial Day retrospective of some of our best interviews

5/21/16 – Simon Conway of W-H-O Radio in Iowa plays the Trump card, and shares a touching story of citizen-strangers who laid to rest a lonely veteran

5/14/16 – Jennifer DeNicola of America Unites for Kids, and LeAnne Walters, crusader for clean water in Flint, Michigan

5/7/16 – Former child actor, now attorney and author, Jeff Cohen, and entertainment industry artists’ champion, attorney Neville Johnson

4/30/16 – Author and UCLA School of Law Professor Adam Winkler

4/23/16 – Legal Director of the ACLU of North Carolina Chris Brook, and esteemed Yale Law School professor and expert on sexual orientation-based legal protections, William Eskridge, Jr.

4/16/16 – Legend of criminal defense, attorney Dick DeGuerin

4//9/16 – International tax attorney David Hryck and bad faith law “pioneer” William Shernoff

3/26/16 – Constitutional Scholars Erwin Chemerinsky, Akhil Amar, and Michael McConnell

3/19/16 – Leslie Starr Heimov, Executive Director of the Children’s Law Center, and Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom

3/12/16 – Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom and UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh

2/27/16 – Academy Awards Spectacular

2/20/16 – Gerry Spence

2/13/16 – The Workers’ Compensation Crisis in California Part II

2/6/16 – Superbowl Spectacular

1/30/16 – Mark Geragos and Wendy Walker

1/9/16 – Erwin Chemerinsky and Evelyn Gurvey

12/26/15 – Bernie Nicholls, Marvin Washington, and Paul D. Anderson

12/19/15 – Robert Kennedy, Jr., Erin Brockovich, and Robin Greenwald

12/12/15 – Lisa Bloom

11/28/15 – Trial Lawyers’ Charities of Los Angeles and MAGIC with The Bornsteins

11/21/15 – Tom Mesereau

11/14/15 – Crispin Glover and Doug Kari

10/24/15 – Eugene Volokh

10/17/15 – Eric Greenspan and Bill Hochberg

10/10/15 – Daniel Wallach, Jason Rose, and Mark Polan

10/3/15 – Ira Winkler and Eran Kahana

9/26/15 – Paul Cambria

9/19/15 – F. Lee Bailey

9/12/15 – Alan Dershowitz

9/5/15 – Jay Tanenbaum and Geoff Leibl

8/29/15 – Neal Hersh and Dr. Ralph Diner

8/22/15 – Scott Vernick and Araceli Treu Gomes

8/15/15 – Diane Goodman and Casey Weitzman

8/8/15 – Charles Avrith and Jennifer DeNicola

8/1/15 – Don Randolph, Brian Kramer

7/25/15 – James DeSimone

7/18/15 – Gail Lehman, Ken Kokin & Evelyn Gurvey

7/11/15 – Lisa Bloom & Anne Bremner

7/4/15 – Simon Conway

6/20/15 – Saul Allweiss, Amy Stoody, Tom Preston 

6/13/15 – Rick Hoffman

6/6/15 – Hooman Melamed & Joseph Gjonola

5/30/15 – David Rodriguez & Ira Chester

5/23/15 – Judge John Gutierrez (retired), David DePaolo, Edwin Haronian

5/16/15 – Judge John Gutierrez (retired), Jason Marcus, Robert McLaughlin

5/9/15 – Gloria Allred & Lisa Bloom

4/25/15 – Don Burris & E. Randol Schoenberg

4/18/15 – Christian Conte

4/4/15 – Rabbi Chaim Sperlin, Pastor Griff Ray & Melissa Lewkowicz 

3/28/15 – Philip Boesch

3/14/15 – Brian Dunn

3/7/15 – Erwin Chemerinsky & Paul Nassif

2/28/15 – Anne Bremner

2/21/15 – Larry Zerner

2/14/15 – Laura Pugliese & Evelyn Gurvey

1/31/15 – Deb Carson 

1/24/15 – Steve Chapman & Erica Wise

1/17/15 – Lisa Bloom & Ken Kokin

1/14/15 – Gurvey’s Law at the LA Kings Game

1/10/15 – Manny Medrano & Harlan Gurvey

12/27/14 – Uber Driver

12/13/14 – Laurel Brandstetter

11/29/14 – Scott Corwin (LATLC) & Joseph Barrett (CAALA)

11/22/14 – Jeffrey Alpert & John Stalberg

11/8/14 – Ed Alonso

11/1/14 – Gloria Allred

10/25/14 – Kevin Callahan, John Stalberg & Martin Kove

10/18/14 – Jeffrey K. Howard

10/11/14 – John Stalberg

9/27/14 – Sal Polisi & Neville Johnson

9/20/14 – Lisa Maki & John Stalberg

9/13/14 – Joni Salomon & Martha Patterson

Kerri Kasem of Gurvey’s Law on Howard Stern Show


9/6/14 – Robert Bernstein & John Stalberg

8/30/14 – Max McFarlane, Phil Damon, John Stalberg & Eric Moran

8/23/14 – Cindy Crawford, Jennifer DeNicola & Tom Girardi

8/16/14 – Mark Henick, Gabor Vari, Michael Baum & Brent Wisner

8/9/14 – Don Randolph

8/2/14 – Edward Lear & David Glaser

Gurvey’s Law Welcomes the Los Angeles Kings to Talk Radio 790 KABC

7/26/14 – Gene Egdorf

7/19/14 – Mayor Nestor Valencia, Jay Tanenbaum, Good Morning America

7/17/14 – Gurvey’s Law (Special Show from KFI 640 AM Radio)

7/12/14 – Martha Patterson & Dr. Lawrence Miller

7/5/14 – Don Randolph

6/28/14 – Bruce Davis Jr., Eric Ferguson & Ron Feenberg

6/21/14 – Steve Beauregard & Andrew Beal

6/14/14 – Sal Polisi & Ken Kokin

6/6/14 – Dr. Hooman Melamed

5/31/14 – Erwin Chemerinsky

5/24/14 – Susan Saladoff, Greg Vanni & Kevin Callahan

5/17/14 – Jason Patric & Todd Sternberg

5/10/14 – Royal Oakes

5/3/14 – Martha Patterson

4/26/14 – Don Randolph

4/19/14 – Stan Levine, Gary Brazina, Steve Chapman

4/12/14 – Art Gholian 

4/5/14 – Jason Patric & Fred Silberberg

3/29/14 – Richie Ross

3/22/14 – Max Macfarlane & Phil Daman

3/8/14 – Clint Feddersen & inmate of LAUSD “teacher jail”

3/1/14 – Kerri Kasem & Troy Martin

2/15/14 – Josh Stern, M. Lee, Bruce Traney, Minh Nguyen & J. Boyle

2/8/14 – Robert Young, Jason Lefkowitz & Eric Stahl 

2/1/14 – Ken Kokin, Kandi Amelon, Debbie Payne & Erica Morrison

1/25/14 – Ed Alonzo & Christopher Hart

1/18/14 – Steve Hopcraft

12/28/13 – Lorne Rubis & Tom Thompson

12/21/13 – Stan Levine & Gary Brazina

12/7/13 – Kevin Mitnick & Don Randolph

11/30/13 – Jimmy Pena & Steven Unruh

11/23/13 – Eric Stahl & Alice Salvo

11/16/13 – Geoff Leibl & Terri Cheney