Kerri Kasem of Gurvey’s Law on Howard Stern Show

Kerri Kasem of Gurvey’s Law  was on Howard Stern Show on Tuesday 9/9/14.  Alan Gurvey and the whole team of Gurvey’s Law are very proud of Kerri and supportive of her. While Kerri was on air with Howard she mentions Gurvey’s Law and the current causes and business ventures she is currently working on.  While Kerri was in New York on the Howard Stern Show, she was also on the Fox & Friends Show.  They discussed the current and ongoing battle regarding her father’s, Casey Kasem, heartbreaking situation.

If you would like to hear the Howard Stern Show with Kerri Kasem, click the play button below:




8 Responses to Kerri Kasem of Gurvey’s Law on Howard Stern Show

  1. Camilla Ferroni says:

    I love Howard!! And I love Kerri!!

  2. Derek Rosaria says:

    I was in New York when Kerri was there! So cool!

  3. lowell8503 says:

    This truly shows that there are still folks that care about what they submit on the internet. I actually enjoyed reading the comments.

  4. Amanda says:

    I love this! My boyfriend and I were talking about this show the other day!

  5. hermelinda says:

    Not one of the other posts I’ve come across are like this one. You can tell alot of work went into this.

  6. ashlee8053 says:

    This was great! I grew up listening to Howard and really enjoy Gurvey’s Law with Kerri Kasem.

  7. phillip james says:

    sorry about your dad Kerri. I love you.

  8. pam roushk says:

    This wasn’t the site I was looking for but now I’m thankful I came across it. I see it is quite popular on the internet. Good job.

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